Monday, August 4, 2014

A Car To Prove That Its True

Al Pacino is a really good actor, and Scarface is one of the best movies ever made! Scarface drives by this Porsche 928 in that movie, so I decided to make "Porsche's advertisement" of 928's role in that movie. 928 was one of most fantastic cars in 80's, harmfully Porsche ended its production in 1995. I made this from a normal Scarface wallpaper and added the 928 from a pic, which is taken from the scene, where Scarface is buying his 928 from Porsche Centre. I added the B & W effect to 928 by PhotoImpression 5 and putted pics together by Photoshop CS3. And of course, the font is the offical Porsche font. I also added the "Copyrights" at the down of this wallpaper just for fun

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