Saturday, November 22, 2014

De Gustibus Non Disputandum

Ahem. No comment from me. From here

Scarface Teddy Bear

This cuddly little things is from here

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tony playing poker

Two paintings of celebrities playing poker (from a page called Celebrities Playing Poker featuring Our Tone playing poker. Firstly, amongst other characters incarnated by Al Pacino: Secondly, with various other fictional gangsters:

Dites Bonjour A Votre Pire Ennemi

This is actually quite clever. Via 101 Great Goals "Behind one of the goals at the Stade Maurice Dufrasne, fans unfurled a huge banner featuring the legendary pose of Tony Montana in Scarface, and the banner read: “Say hello to your worst enemy”."

Tony Minifig

A Car To Prove That Its True

Al Pacino is a really good actor, and Scarface is one of the best movies ever made! Scarface drives by this Porsche 928 in that movie, so I decided to make "Porsche's advertisement" of 928's role in that movie. 928 was one of most fantastic cars in 80's, harmfully Porsche ended its production in 1995. I made this from a normal Scarface wallpaper and added the 928 from a pic, which is taken from the scene, where Scarface is buying his 928 from Porsche Centre. I added the B & W effect to 928 by PhotoImpression 5 and putted pics together by Photoshop CS3. And of course, the font is the offical Porsche font. I also added the "Copyrights" at the down of this wallpaper just for fun