Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scarface Tattoo special

"scarface tattoo" is the most popular search term bringing people to this blog. Therefore I felt I should capitalise on this by showcasing another, um, beautiful example of Tony based body art:
I can't help finding this a particular rodent-like Tony. Oh well.
Excitingly, I found this on a blog post which reflects the themes of this very blog!
Favourite lines:
"It did poorly because it was a very bad movie. Not that it really matters."
"The "Scarface Philosophy" has been lovingly embraced by all kinds of young dummies who idealize a lifestyle of blind aggression, ambition and greed. And paranoia and droogs. Every syllable mumbled by Al Pacino in this movie has been emblazoned on jackets and shirts as ride-or-die mantras and his face is essentially a flag for the independent nation of Fuck You-stonia."
And this blogger has assembled a very impressive selection of crappy Montaniana, only some of which I have found. My favourite:
This is not only a quote I am unfamiliar with, it is a spectacularly dull one, and when coupled with one of the few shots of Pacino-as-Montana in which he doesn't look murderous in some way, creates a bathetic air.

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