Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday ramblings on the Scarface Project

This rather sporadically updated blog hopefully manages to entertain someone, somewhere. If you are a reader and you have something to say, please do. One comment aside, I get the sense I am blogging in a total vacuum.

Some observations based on recent postings:

a) Photoshopping the black-and-white poster image of Tony to include Harry Potter/Bertie Ahern/whoever is pretty close to a cliché. I think I will stop including them as stand alone posts unless they have some extra feature of interest/entertainment.

b) The whole Shakespeare/Scarface thing is interesting and I may try and write something of greater length about it. Most of the YouTube videos of Shakespeare in the style of Scarface seem to be students (whether secondary or third level) undertaking a project. Macbeth in particular, with its intrigue, deceit, and high body count lends itself quite readily to the Montana treatment.

c) I am just beginning to tip my toe into the world of modified cars with Scarface themes. This seems a very fertile source of Montaniana

d) Having not seen the movie itself, some of my internet searching for images brings up aspects of it I was not aware of - in particular the "polluted womb" quote. Montaniana is a pretty macho world which comes across in the iconography. While Michelle Pfeiffer does come up a reasonable amount in image searches, the overwhelming bulk of "adapted" Scarface imagery is of Tone in his various angry/ruthless incarnations.

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