Monday, October 19, 2009

The Scarface Project

I have never seen Oliver Stone's gangsterathon Scarface. Or rather, I once saw about ten minutes on TV, it looked quite good, but I was going out, or was too tired, or something. And yet, I have actually seen it, for the film contains some of those lines - "say hello to my little friend", "in this country, you gotta make the money..." - which have become part of cinema culture. Even more so, I have seen the images. Al Pacino as Tony Montana, his face contorted with rage, spraying bullets from his little friend. Al Pacino as Tony Montana, in clothes that seem far too big, looking both impossibly young compared to the Pacino of today and weatherbeaten, reclining in a nightclub - edgy, sharklike.

I've seen these images at student poster sales. I've seen these images for sale by the side of the pavement. I've seen these images framed, available for hanging on one's wall. I've seen these images rendered in pen-and-ink. The imagery of Scarface is ubiqutous, more so than The Godfather even. I'm interested in the odd places it turns up. This blog is intended to document these images.

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